3 Tips – Social Media Marketing For Restaurants


Do you operate a restaurant or work in marketing for one? Do you want to learn how to sell your business using social media?

It’s a typical problem: restaurants want to engage with their customers, and they want to use social media to attract more people in the door, but they don’t know how.

Including social media in your marketing mix can help you raise restaurant awareness, inspire motivated engagement with your food, and bring in more guests.

Here are 21 strategies and techniques for attracting more clients to your restaurant using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Think like your customer when it comes to social media marketing for restaurants.

This should be self-evident if you’ve been promoting your restaurant for a time. Knowing who you’re talking with is one of the first steps in successful marketing. This is especially true in the case of social media. Consider your customer’s perspective and why they would want to come to you. Based on this, set the tone for your social media.

Create a tone (or perhaps a character) that you’ll use across all of your social media channels if you want to be known as the neighbourhood hangout. In a warm, neighbourly tone, post. A long-term waiter or bartender, for example, could be the face of your social media.

Create your social media postings around your chef (or someone pretending as your chef!) if you want to be known for your amazing meals.

As you create your restaurant’s social media strategy, keep your customers in mind.


Dining restaurants have a fantastic opportunity to connect with their customers via Facebook. You’d be hard pressed to find a patron of yours who isn’t on this site, and the majority of them check it several times a day.

Facebook is a social networking site where people can ‘hang out’ with their friends. Isn’t that why they eat out as well? Here are seven marketing suggestions for using Facebook:

  1. Cover picture – Make sure you use your cover image to its greatest potential. You get 851×351 pixels to use to promote your company for free. Include photographs of excellent food or individuals having a nice time while eating with pals. When your menu changes, you might alter your cover image to promote the new items or offers.
  2. Facebook Page Tabs – Create tabs on your Facebook Page to encourage people to come to your restaurant. The first four tabs, in particular, are crucial because they are the ones that appear on your home page (without clicking to open them all)

They’re thinking like a customer and providing graphics and information that a customer would want.

  1. Take a lot of photos of your meals – Images are the most popular posts on Facebook. You’re in the food sector, and food is highly visual. In your regular Facebook updates, make sure to include a lot of pictures of your meal. You could even want to make a lookbook of your present menu items.
  2. Limited-time offers and group discounts – Share limited-time bargains on your Facebook page. Give patrons discounts if they “like” your page. Offer social coupon promotions to encourage your fans to share your bargain with their friends – and to encourage those friends to become Fans of your Page as well.
  3. Sweepstakes and contests – Hold competitions and sweepstakes on your Facebook page. These social promos add intrigue and provide a compelling cause for customers to return to both your Facebook Page and your restaurant.


Instagram is a massively popular photo-sharing app. It is used roughly 95% of the time when your consumers are sending photographs to their Facebook friends because of its flawless interaction with Facebook. You can use Instagram as a supplement to your Facebook marketing efforts or as a stand-alone platform. Here are seven Instagram marketing techniques on their own:

Use hashtags: Instagram is all about hashtags. They’re widely used and relevant. Let’s go through three key strategies for using hashtags on Instagram (or any social site).

  1. Use trending hashtags – Include relevant trending hashtags in your Instagram profile and restaurant to attract awareness. If it’s #national cheesecake day, for example, and cheesecake is one of your culinary delights, share a delicious snapshot of it.
  2. Use specialty hashtags – Using specialised hashtags makes it easier for your target market to find you. Use geography specific tags, such as #soho eats, if you’re a bakery in New York with a Soho location. Instagram is a mobile social media platform that you use on your smartphone. By including a precise location in your tags, you might attract foot traffic seeking for a bite to eat, which could be right outside your door.
  3. Create campaign-specific hashtags – When you’re conducting a specialised marketing campaign (like a contest), make a hashtag only for that promotion. This allows your followers – and anyone else – to join in on the conversation by including your hashtag in their postings.
  4. Photos of menu items – Instagram is a photo-sharing website. Take advantage of this opportunity to share mouthwatering images of your menu items.

Hope you have  understood how to sell to your restaurant’s customers using these social media channels.

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